What do security dog patrols do?

There are many different security measures that a business can invest in to keep its premises, people and property safe from crime.
CCTV, access control, better locks and lighting and even security guards all have their place.

However, if your workplace requires an extra level of security, or you have fallen victim to crime in the past, then using security dogs can provide one of the most effective forms of crime deterrent and prevention.

Ideal for providing additional peace of mind that everything is being taken care of, security dog patrols can be used both indoors or outside to help protect the most vulnerable areas of your business.

What are dog patrols?

As the name suggests, dog patrols use trained security dogs to help keep your business property and premises secure.
Security dogs, and their handlers, are trained and accredited to the highest industry standards to provide an extra level of protection for your business.

There are many benefits to using security dogs to protect your organisation’s most valuable assets. First and foremost, they provide a fantastic visual deterrent to would-be intruders, making them think twice about breaking in. Beyond that, they provide massive value in other ways.

They can be deployed for many different reasons, from simple patrols to search and detection of intruders, drugs or stolen goods.
They can also be used for high-visibility patrols for controlling crowds or calming hostile situations and are great for securing, patrolling and protecting large sites.

While human security guards provide an excellent level of protection for your business, a security dog can keep it even safer.

What are the best deterrents to potential burglars?

You can install several security measures that provide an excellent deterrent to potential burglars and would-be intruders.

Better exterior lighting and visible security measures, such as window grilles, roller shutters and upgraded locks, can make your business harder to break into.

CCTV cameras and alarm boxes can signal to potential burglars that your business is protected by technology. The presence of security guards at your premises can also deter would-be criminals from trying something stupid.

However, security dogs are among the most effective visual deterrents to burglars and other criminals. While in reality, security dogs are trained to tackle intruders without inflicting severe injuries, the psychological effect of a burglar knowing they could get attacked by an aggressive looking dog if they tried to break-in is often enough to prevent it from happening.

Most security dogs are trained to be approachable and obedient to people who don’t pose a threat, but they are also trained to make audible and visual signals when they sense a problem. Security dogs are particularly effective if your security guards work in high-risk areas or industries, work at premises that have come under threat or attack in the past or have been tasked with looking after high-value property.

Can security dogs keep my business safe?

Depending on the type of business you are looking to protect, security guards provide a good option. If you are looking to protect buildings, property, assets or stock, security dog patrols can help keep them safe and secure. They provide the following benefits:

Incident response

While physical security measures and technology are a great way of keeping your business safe and secure, dog patrols are often the best way to respond to an incident. They provide a strong visual deterrent and can safely disrupt and disarm any intruders to reduce the risks to your staff and human security guards.

Visible presence

Having on-site security dogs provides an effective deterrent to would-be intruders. It can help crimes from being committed by making criminals think twice before breaking in.

Mobile protection

Guard dogs are mobile and so aren’t restricted to a particular location all the time. They can get to and disrupt a security incident quickly, to reduce the risk for your security guards.

Extra security for staff

Security dogs can be trained to recognise familiar faces. This means that they can help protect your staff and regular visitors to your premises but respond to potential threats before they occur.

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