What are static security guards?

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is ‘what are static security guards, and how do they differ from other forms of security?’.

Static security is a general term which covers a wide range of services. Static guards can be deployed to guard access points, equipment or assets, prevent incidents and deter would-be criminals, help keep crowds under control and ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

It’s often said that static security guards are your business’ first line of defence. But the truth is, they are so much more than that. They can provide peace of mind and protection in a host of different ways.

As their name suggests, static security guards are tasked with protecting a specific area or location.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they stay rooted in one spot – many static guards will patrol buildings or grounds, for example, as well as manning a front of house security desk.

In this way, they differ from mobile security guards, who are usually deployed to provide security services to several locations and travel between them.

Static security guards will regularly monitor your property, assets and premises to ensure they are safe and secure and resolve any issues quickly.

They provide an interface between staff, customers and visitors to welcome people to your business, manage deliveries and help prevent unauthorised access. They can also monitor your CCTV, alarms and other security systems.

Static guards cover everything from gatehouse security or on-site patrols on a building site or industrial park to in-store guards in retail, hospitality and leisure venues or front-of-house and concierge services in offices, hotels and residential buildings.


What do static security guards do?

Having static security guards in your business premises achieves several things.

They provide a crucial first line of defence against a wide range of security threats and can deal with any potential incidents swiftly, efficiently and within the law.

You’ll benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that even if your business is closed or empty, there is always someone keeping an eye on things to make sure everything is as it should be.

Static guards create an effective visual deterrent to would-be criminals, who may think twice about stealing your property or causing damage if they feel they may get caught by a security guard.

They can act as an extra set of eyes and ears to spot incidents or potential flashpoints and deal with them before they get out of hand and provide a reassuring presence at events or in large crowds.

This can be particularly important if you have lots of visitors or staff and are responsible for their safety and wellbeing.

Static security guards are also trained to perform a wide variety of roles to help keep your business and your people safe.

These include visitor and access control, delivery monitoring, health & safety, opening and locking up, night watch security, fire or flood prevention, risk assessment and threat detection, alarm and CCTV monitoring, and perimeter/locked building monitoring.

In short, if you need in-person security for your property or premises, then static security guards are the way to go.


How can static security guards keep my business safe?

Regardless of the type of business you run, or the property, premises and assets you are looking to protect, static security is a must.

Guards can be deployed to protect people, buildings and surroundings, head off any potential problems and keep your property safe and secure.

They also help instil a feeling of trust and safety among your staff and visitors and help events run more smoothly by efficiently managing crowds to keep issues to a minimum.

Static security guards can help prevent crimes being committed and ensure your staff are obeying your business policies and procedures, to minimise security risks.

In the event of an incident, static security guards can respond quickly, liaise with the emergency services if required, ensure they are correctly reported and help recommend solutions to prevent the issue from happening again.

All in all, if you have business premises, assets or people that need protecting, static security guards are pretty indispensable.

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At TitanServ, we understand that security is about more than just protecting your people, property, and assets.

It’s about protecting your reputation too.

That’s why all the static security guards we supply are highly trained and experienced and work to the highest standards in the industry so that when they are deployed within your organisation, they represent it in the right way.

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