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The best business security solutions

All businesses, regardless of their size, need to invest in security measures to keep their people, premises and property safe.

While the level of security required will vary from business to business, depending on their line of work, size and specific risks they might face, there are some necessary security steps that all companies should implement for peace of mind.

So, regardless of how big – or small – your organisation is, here is a rundown of the essential security solutions you could implement to safeguard your staff, buildings, equipment, and assets.

The importance of business security

There are many reasons why business security is vital. It doesn’t matter how big your business is or what it does, investing in business security will help you to:

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment for your clients, visitors and staff
  • Keep your commercial assets and premises safe and secure
  • Maintain your standards, to enhance your brand’s reputation

However, perhaps the main reason you need to protect your business with security measures is peace of mind.

The most recent annual Crimes Against Business survey found around 123,000 burglaries were committed against businesses in the UK and a further 140,000 attempted break-ins.

Firms also suffered 277,000 incidences of vandalism, 566,000 cases of robbery and a massive 8.9 million thefts.

While retailers and wholesale businesses were the hardest hit, manufacturers and office-based businesses also suffered.

The aftermath of a break-in, robbery or other security incident can be a major hassle to sort out.

First of all, there is the cost and inconvenience of repairing any damage and making your premises safe again. Then there is the time it might take to deal with police or your insurance company, not to mention the cost of replacing any cash or valuables that might have been stolen.

Perhaps the most important thing, though, is the damage a break-in can do to your business’ reputation, and the emotional impact a crime can have on the people involved, be it staff or customers.

A break-in can cost your business more than money and time, which is why it’s essential to take steps to prevent potential crimes from taking place.

So, it’s clear that business crime remains a huge problem and that businesses of all sizes need to take steps to improve their security and keep their premises, staff and customers safe.

Different types of business security

If you’re looking to bolster your business security for additional protection and peace of mind, there are several approaches you can take.

The most basic measures you can take are improving your physical security, or ‘target hardening’.

This covers everything from upgrading your locks and installing window grilles, door shutters and exterior lighting, to investing in a business alarm system or CCTV.

These can all make your premises much more resilient and harder to access for potential intruders and thieves.
While some physical security measures are more effective than others, it’s important to remember that none are 100% effective against every type of crime.

Criminals are always finding new ways to spot and exploit vulnerabilities in security measures, which makes it almost impossible to completely protect your business.

However, for an additional level of security, protection and peace of mind, you can’t beat investing in security guards to protect your property.

Security guards are often your business’ first line of defence against theft, crime and other offences. They provide a comforting physical presence and an effective visual deterrent to would-be criminals. 

Security guards can be deployed to man your front of house desk or patrol and monitor your property, assets, and premises to ensure they are safe and secure, and quickly resolve any issues. They can also provide an interface between staff, customers and visitors to welcome people to your business, manage deliveries and prevent unauthorised access.

Why choose security guards

Security guards can protect your business against a wide range of threats, as well as deal with incidents and flashpoints quickly, effectively and legally.

They provide peace of mind from knowing that even if your business is empty, somebody will be there to keep an eye on things and make sure everything is as it should be.

Good security guards can be the eyes and ears of your business. They can spot and deal with threats before they become huge problems and provide a reassuring presence for your staff and customers. 

They can also offer a wide variety of security services to help keep your organisation safe.

In addition to physical patrols, security guards can monitor your security, CCTV or access control systems, act as a keyholder and open your building in the morning and lockup at night.

In short, if you need in-person security for your property or premises, security guards are the best option.

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It’s about protecting your reputation too.

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