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A clean environment is the best place to both teach and learn. Studies have found that creating a positive, welcoming, nurturing environment within your school or college can have a positive impact on your learners’ education outcomes and their mental health. It’s also true that a clean and tidy learning space makes it easier for pupils and students to focus, listen and retain information.

And from your teaching staff’s perspective, it helps create a positive, nurturing atmosphere which makes it easier for them to engage learners in the subjects they are delivering. However, achieving a high standard of cleanliness within your school or college can be a challenge, and that’s where TitanServ can help.

School and college cleaning solutions from TitanServ

TitanServ has vast experience of providing first-class cleaning solutions to the education sector, for organisations of all sizes – from small, independent academy schools to universities and further education colleges.

We understand the importance of creating the right environment for learning, and the role that cleaning plays in enhancing the experience both for learners and teaching staff. It’s also vital that your school or college makes a positive impression on potential students, families, governors and other stakeholders.

Education watchdog Ofsted places great importance on schools and colleges maintaining high levels of cleanliness. If you were inspected tomorrow, what story would your classrooms tell? A proper cleaning and maintenance schedule, which takes into account your timetable and peak times is key. We will work around your normal teaching hours to ensure that school or college is kept clean, to create the right environment for learning.

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Anti Bacterial Cleaning Solution

From the outset, we’ll work with you to understand your needs, before developing a cleaning schedule which enables us to keep your education facilities spotless, while minimising disruption on your staff and students. Our cleaning staff pride themselves on their personal appearance and discretion, so you can be sure that when you work with us, we will represent your school or college in the right way. Our factory cleaning services include:

  • Daily cleaning and caretaking
  • All desks, tables and chairs
  • Walls and whiteboards
  • Classrooms and halls
  • External litter picking
  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Kitchens and dining areas
  • Toilets, bathrooms and changing facilities
  • Reception areas, walkways and corridors
  • Deep cleaning

All the education cleaning staff we deploy are experienced, fully trained and DBS-checked, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your cleaning is in good hands.

Benefits of using school and college cleaning services from TitanServ

At TitanServ, we understand that cleaning is about more than keeping your classrooms and corridors clean and tidy. It’s about creating the right environment in which to learn, where students can come together to collaborate and engage with your teaching staff to help improve the overall attainment outcomes of your school or college. It’s also about reflecting your school or college in the best light to visitors. That’s why all the cleaning solutions we supply are tailored to meeting your exact requirements, to give you absolute confidence and peace of mind.

We’re a family business with a nationwide network, which means we can provide cleaning solutions to schools and colleges of any size while providing the same level of personal customer service our clients have come to expect. For all the school and college cleaning work we undertake, you will be personally account managed by one of our senior team to ensure that any issues or problems are resolved quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption. And we use the latest technology, including our own purpose-built software system, to ensure our team are carrying out the tasks you are paying for and provide 100% accountability and transparency to all our clients.

When it comes to school and college cleaning, we also understand the importance of safeguarding. So, you can rest assured that when you work with TitanServ, we will make it our mission to create the right environment and atmosphere for your staff and students, to help enhance the performance of your school and college. To find out more about our education cleaning services, fill out the form below, give us a call on 01792 720955, or email