Drone Security Services

Drone security is a new addition to our service offering. There are certain environments and locations which are difficult to protect with security guards only. Large industrial estates, farmland, solar panel arrays, construction sites and derelict or contaminated land all create substantial security challenges. Sometimes, the sheer size of them makes physical patrols almost impossible, while in others, the landscape, terrain or environment may be dangerous or hazardous to enter. In these situations, how do you keep things safe and secure? Drone security is the answer.

What is drone security?

A relatively recent security innovation, drone technology has come a long way in recent years. It’s now more accessible than ever to businesses of all sizes and makes it easier for you to monitor, secure and protect assets and property that can’t be covered by other security measures.

By acting as ‘eyes in the sky’, drones can survey and monitor large areas remotely, cover any CCTV blackspots and capture video images. They can even live-stream video back to a control centre, where our fully-trained security staff can monitor it. It enables us to spot potential issues quickly and organise an appropriate response, collect visual evidence following an incident, identify potential intruders on-site, carry out risk assessments and identify security threats, and monitor for other issues including flooding or fire.

Drones can be deployed at any time, day or night, meaning they can provide real-time intelligence about incidents quickly, so they can be dealt with promptly and effectively. They can be a handy weapon in your security arsenal. They can be used on their own, or to complement your security guards and other measures you have in place to keep your property and assets safe.

Our drone security services

TitanServ has always been at the forefront of the latest trends and innovation in the security sector, and we have invested in state-of-the-art drone technology and the training of dedicated staff to be able to offer this service. Some of the drone security solutions we can provide include:

Aerial surveillance

Drone technology enables us to monitor large or inaccessible sites and locations quickly and easily from the sky. Whether you’re looking to prevent trespassers or unauthorised access, keep an eye on static equipment such as solar panels or generators, or get an early head’s up on any potential threats or incidents, we can help.

Aerial filming/photography

Our drones are fitted with the latest HD camera technology so that we can capture crystal clear images and video from the sky. This can be useful for supporting site surveys, planning applications and marketing activities. We can also live-stream drone video direct to our control centre, which can be helpful when responding to an incident or gathering evidence.

Alarm response

When a security alarm is triggered, a drone can be dispatched to the alarm location and live-stream video to our control centre. This can be useful for assessing the nature of an incident so the right response can be deployed, keeping track of any intruders, gathering evidence and identifying any potential threats or hazards to the response team. It can also help pinpoint the exact location of an incident for the emergency services.

Event security

When it comes to events, drones can help in several ways. If you’re holding a large outdoor event, such as a music festival, aerial site footage captured by a drone can be a massive help in the planning stage. And when it comes to the event itself, drones can also help with real-time crowd management, incident response, traffic surveillance and evidence gathering.

Benefits of using drone security services from Titan Serv

At TitanServ, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the latest industry trends and technology to offer our clients the most innovative security solutions. Drone technology is another tool we can call upon to help us protect your business, your property and your reputation. We’ve made a significant investment in state-of-the-art drone technology, equipment and training to ensure we can offer drone security solutions to the highest possible standards.

Our drone operatives have undergone full training from the Civil Aviation Authority to achieve the necessary accreditation. You can ask to see our drone pilot’s licence any time… it’s cool! Furthermore, you will be personally account managed by one of our senior team to ensure that any issues or problems are resolved quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption. So, if you have a site or location that needs securing and protecting and you don’t know how, get in touch. To find out more about our drone security services, fill out the form below, give us a call on 01792 720955, or email tscltd@titanserv.co.uk.