Woman wearing hi vis vest and face mask cleaning the office using disinfectant

Does your business need a post-lockdown clean?

Many businesses in south Wales and the rest of the UK have had to close their doors for the past 12 months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ongoing lockdown rules and the restrictions they have placed on businesses of all sizes have driven the need to find different ways of working.

As a result, many firms have implemented home working or have allowed only a skeleton team of staff back to the workplace where they have been allowed to stay open.

Now, with lockdown restrictions starting to ease, many businesses are preparing to reopen their doors and get back to normal.

So, if your business is planning to welcome staff and customers back to your workplace in the next few weeks, then now is the perfect time to start planning a post-lockdown spring clean.

The benefits of commercial cleaning

There are many benefits to professional commercial cleaning for your workplace.

It can help you create a happier, healthier, more professional working environment. It can also have a significant impact on staff morale and productivity.

Most importantly, it’s about ensuring your premises make the right impression on customers, visitors and staff. Here are some of the main benefits of commercial cleaning services from TitanServ:

Enhanced productivity and collaboration

As an employer, you’ve got a duty of care to your staff – not to mention your customers – to provide a clean, safe and pleasant working environment.

Good workplace hygiene can help keep your staff healthy and prevent the spread of bugs and viruses, which thrive in dirt and grime.

But keeping your workplace clean has another significant benefit – it can enhance productivity, collaboration and staff retention.

On average, most people spend around a third of their lives at work.

So, being able to work in a nice, clean and fresh environment can not only enhance their mood and mental health, but also help them perform better, feel more valued and look forward to coming into work.

Outsourcing your cleaning to a professional commercial cleaning company will help get your workplace spick and span – and COVID-secure – ready for when you reopen your doors.

Improved safety

Cleanliness will be crucial when lockdown starts to ease.

As we said above, hygiene and cleanliness will take on extra significance.

Although coronavirus case numbers are going down, and the vaccination programme is being quickly rolled out, many businesses will still have to put extra cleaning and safety measures in place before they can welcome people back.

Whether you are putting enhanced cleaning measures in place or not, it’s vital that as a business, you do all you can to maintain good workplace hygiene and cleanliness to keep staff and customers safe.

This is probably something you can’t do on your own, particularly if you have large premises or several sites to maintain.

A professional commercial cleaning company can take all the hassle away for you and help you maintain exceptional levels of hygiene and cleanliness, so you can continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

A better first impression

In business, making a positive impression on your customers, visitors, stakeholders, staff, and potential employees is vital.

If your business doesn’t look like it cares about its appearance, it can create the wrong perception and damage your brand.

From your reception to your meeting rooms, offices, waiting areas or shop floor, your workplace will reflect your business.

If it’s fresh, clean and tidy, it will give the impression that you care about your business. If it’s not, it can do the opposite.

This can put customers off, make potential recruits question why they might want to work for you, and damage staff morale, as your people won’t want to work in a dark and dingy environment.

So, creating a clean and welcoming workplace is essential.

Save money

Commercial cleaning isn’t only about improving safety, enhancing staff wellbeing and creating the right impression.

It can also help you save money.

Chances are, your workplace is busy, and there’s lots of hustle and bustle every day.

Like with all things, this can take its toll if you don’t maintain things properly.

Furniture, carpets, curtains, kitchens and bathrooms and other communal areas all suffer general wear and tear.

Keeping on top of your commercial cleaning and maintenance will help you get as much life out of them as possible.

Regular deep cleaning will help keep your carpets and fabrics looking clean and fresh for longer and help eliminate any problems caused by dust, damp, mould or insects.

Likewise, regularly cleaning down your surfaces and equipment will keep it looking and working at its best.

It will also help you to spot any potential issues or damage quickly, so you can rectify them there and then, rather than storing up future problems.

Let TitanServ help you enhance your standards

At TitanServ, we understand how important it is for businesses to make the right impression.

We provide COVID-secure commercial cleaning services for a wide range of clients, including offices, shops and showrooms, factories and workshops, and schools and colleges, to help enhance your standards and maintain impeccable hygiene and cleanliness.  

So, if your business is gearing up to finally reopen after 12 months of lockdown, or if you’re already back at work but want a thorough spruce up ready for when you welcome your entire team or customers back, we can help.

All our industrial cleaning services are geared towards helping you to maintain high standards and enhance your reputation.

To find out more and book a free, no-obligation consultation, give us a call on 01792 720955 or email tscltd@titanserv.co.uk.