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Common mistakes to avoid when hiring commercial cleaners

It’s safe to say offices and personal spaces within the workplace can get fairly dirty and dusty, with cleaning operations being fairly scarce. Now although this is normal to some degree, you should NEVER let your workspace get cluttered with dust and papers and folders and anything! Everyone knows a clean workspace increases productivity. So that is why you should invest in a cleaning company to do all of the messy work for you.

The cleaning industry is definitely one that is ripe with a wide range of organisations to choose from, however, it’s the matter of choosing the RIGHT organisation for you. Ensuring all of your needs are being met, is the first step to having a cleaner workspace. Here are a few things you should look out for when hiring a commercial cleaner:


It is essential that you find any references linked to the company as this promotes the transparent, true image of the company and its services. You can do so by simply asking the company for the references given by the previous customers. This will ensure you are able to see both the positives and negatives of the company.

Cost factor

Price shouldn’t really be the main deciding factor when coming to the conclusion of picking an organisation. Although you don’t want to go out of your budget, if there is a company within your budget that can’t meet your needs/standards, then there isn’t really a point in even bothering with them in the first place. Quality of the service is one of, if not the most important factor you should be resonating with, and this is ideally how the organisation should be feeling as well. The best thing we can recommend, is that you get a quote from a range of differing organisations, and settle on whichever suits your budget and needs the best.

Check for qualifications/certifications

Although it is a cleaning industry, not every organisation is clean… There are a lot of organisations who claim they are professionals and have qualifications, where in truth they actually don’t. This entire process of verifying the authenticity is a step you wouldn’t want to overlook.

Specialisation check

You may find a company that is within your budget and has excellent services, only to come to the realisation that they don’t specialise within your field. It’s not really ideal for a restaurant cleaning service to come and clean your office. You get where we’re coming with this? This is another tedious step that you really don’t want to be overlooking.

Understanding the contract

To make sure both you and the cleaning service are getting what you want, its important to be specific and clear during the discussion phase. Make sure you are explaining exactly what you want done and how you want it done, to ensure your not feeling like you have been scammed at the end of the service.


We hope this blog was able to clear up some confusion that you may have had as well as introducing you to some basic principles that you should be following. If you would like to learn about our cleaning service, be sure to head over to our website at, or give us a call on 01792 720955.