CCTV versus security guards

When it comes to running a business, security should be a top priority.

Business crime comes in many forms and affects almost every type of organisation, from SMEs and small independent retailers to factories, warehouses and large office blocks.

Theft, vandalism and burglary are some of the most common crimes against businesses, but violence against staff and customers, antisocial behaviour and a host of other issues can have a big impact.

Crimes are not only a pain to sort out – causing financial loss, disruption and hassle – they can also damage your brand’s reputation.

So, if you run a business no matter how big or small, then deploying some level of security is a must.

When it comes to business security, there are a few options you can go for.

You can invest in additional security measures, such as better locks, windows and doors. You could go down the route of protecting your business with CCTV. Or, for ultimate peace of mind, you could consider investing in round the clock security guards to keep your business premises safe and secure.

While ensuring you have a basic level of security in place is important, there are pros and cons to CCTV.

Security guards, on the other hand, are one of the best ways to protect your business. Here, we take a closer look at the difference between CCTV and security guards.

What is CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, is a network of interlinked cameras and recording equipment used to monitor and record activity in an area such as an open public space, building or venue.

CCTV provides a private and secure method of monitoring a room, building or facility and protecting it against security threats, intruders and crime. CCTV is most often used – and is sometimes required by law – in places like town centres, banks, public buildings and shopping centres.

However, more and more businesses – and some domestic property owners – are installing their own CCTV systems to keep their buildings and property safe.

While CCTV can’t prevent a crime or incident from occurring, cameras provide a visual deterrent to would-be criminals. CCTV can also capture and record any incidents taking place, which can later be used to identify the people involved and provide evidence to police and the courts.

CCTV systems can vary in size, scale and effectiveness. Some of the more high-end surveillance systems use state-of-the-art cameras and recording technology to capture crystal clear images of the areas they monitor.

Other systems use fewer cameras and are static, meaning the cameras are fixed so they can only record a set area, rather than being able to rotate to cover multiple angles or zoom in or out.

What are security guards?

Security guards protect your organisation’s most valuable assets – your people, your property and your reputation.

They patrol and inspect your property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. They also monitor people and buildings in an effort to prevent crime.

Security guards provide a crucial first line of defence against a wide range of security issues and deal with any potential incidents quickly and effectively.

They can work in a wide variety of environments, including public buildings, retail stores, and office buildings. Security guards provide business owners with the peace of mind of knowing that even if the business is closed or empty, there is always someone on-site to keep an eye on things.

They regularly monitor your property, assets, and premises to ensure they are safe and secure and quickly resolve any issues. They also provide a reassuring presence for staff, customers and visitors.

CCTV or security guards – which is best?

Both CCTV and security guards have their strong points, so you shouldn’t necessarily consider investing in one over the other.

In fact, if you are looking for ultimate peace of mind when it comes to protecting your business premises, property and people, then including both CCTV and security guards in your security strategy will pay dividends. 

CCTV is only effective if you use it properly, ensure it is regularly reviewed and monitored, and act on anything that it picks up. Just leaving your CCTV system running in the background, without checking what it is picking up or responding to potential security threats or weaknesses, is dead money.

This is why security guards are vital because they can help you get the most out of your investment in CCTV.

You can hire and deploy security guards to regularly monitor your CCTV cameras and patrol your buildings and do some of the other critical tasks that security guards perform to help keep your business and people safe.

While nothing can beat the reassuring presence, responsiveness and visual deterrent that security guards provide, CCTV, if used properly, can also help protect your business well.

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